Request for letter of support

for research grant


To send us your request for a letter of support, please download the Word document (on the right hand side) and send it completed via our contact form*.
In particular, we will ask for information regarding your contact details, the type of data/samples you wish to have access to, the description of your project, and finally the desired format for the letter of support.
* In the contact form, select subject "Request for a letter of support for research grant".

The Biobanque Québécoise de la COVID-19 (BQC19) is a Quebec multi-centre biobank whose mission is to enable high quality research related to COVID-19 in order to help the scientific/medical community, government agencies and civil society to address urgently the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Its immediate mission is to ensure that scientists have access to the samples and data needed for their research efforts on COVID-19, within an appropriate ethical and legal framework. It is committed to the principles of Open Science to make all data accessible to qualified researchers. 

The mission of BQC19 is to provide researchers with high-quality data and samples to study the social, clinical and biological aspects (including immunological, serological and genetic determinants) of COVID-19 infection, its severity and progression. The BQC19 will therefore support efforts to discover and develop new biomarkers of disease susceptibility and progression, new or converted therapies and vaccines to combat COVID-19, etc. 

Hence, the BQC19 wishes to encourage submissions from researchers interested in accessing its data and samples and is therefore available to provide each of them with a letter of support, on the condition that the research project complies with the objectives and values of the BQC19.