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Biobanque québécoise de la COVID-19 releases its first dataset

Montreal, QC, June 29, 2021— A robust collection of data from Quebecers with severe and non-severe COVID-19, as well as from controls, was made available today to the research community. Those working to better understand COVID-19 can access clinical and genomic data emanating from 870 Biobanque québécoise de la COVID-19 (BQC19) participants. It’s the first set of data that the federally and provincially funded, multi-institutional initiative has released, representing just under a third of the patients who have agreed to participate in the project.

“We’re very pleased to announce this important milestone for the Biobanque,” says BQC19 Director Vincent Mooser. “This resource will help many researchers and public health agencies better understand and predict the clinical trajectory of this disease, as well as look for new diagnostic tests and cures.”

Mooser, who is also Canada Excellence Research Chair in Genomic Medicine at McGill University, is grateful to participants from around the province who consented to have their data and blood collected to help understand and fight COVID-19. To date, 2,858 Quebecers have donated blood samples at nine different clinical sites in four Quebec regions, with datasets from 870 participants making up the first vetted tranche. 

The uniqueness of the overall BQC19 collection lies in both the makeup of its participants and the turn-key aspect to its analytical data. Samples come from participants who have not only tested positive for the virus but also those controls whose tests came back negative. Meanwhile, the biosamples have gone through additional analyses, including whole genome sequencing, transcriptomics and metabolomics. (For the complete list, see the Study Design page.

“Sharing our collection with the researchers is really what defines the BQC19,” says BQC19 Co-Director Simon Rousseau, who is also a professor in the Department of Medicine at McGill and a researcher at the RI-MUHC’s Meakins-Christie Laboratory. “We’re looking to the epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists and public-health researchers, as well as social scientists who use COVID-19 clinical data. It’s these scientists, sending in requests for all this recently released material, who will bring to life this important resource. We hope to hear from a variety of people who want to further their research projects.”

Interested applicants can begin the request process any time by visiting the site’s Access to Data page.



The Biobanque québécoise de la COVID-19 (BQC19) reminds the scientific community that the process of accessing the BQC19 data is carried out continuously throughout the year, and provides access to currently available data.

The access process has been updated and the currently available data, as well as those to come, are announced on the BQC19 website. Currently, these correspond to clinical data on more than 2,500 BQC19 participants (having a positive or negative [control] screening test for SARS-CoV-2). The recruited participants are from two cohorts, they are either hospitalized participants or participants from outpatient clinics. The BQC19 can currently share genome sequencing data on some of the participants. The access process will be extended to additional analytical data as it becomes available.


Type of participants

Number of participants

Number of visits - Total

Number of visits- Hospitalization

Number of visits – Follow up *
















Of note, for the inpatients cohort, follow-up visits are calculated after patient hospital discharge and for the outpatients cohort, follow-up visits are calculated after patients diagnosis (PCR confirmed).

Participating centers

Participating centres

  • CHUM
  • HGJ
  • CUSM
  • Institut Douglas
  • CHU de Québec
  • CIUSSS Estrie

Acknowledgements to all those who contributed to the creation of the BQC19

    Tala Abdullah
    Olumide Adeleye 
    Darin Adra 
    Jonathan Afilalo
    Marc Afilalo
    Zaman Afrasiabi
    Stéphane Allaire
    Christian Allard
    Noor Almamlouk 
    David Anderson
    Pascale Arlotto 
    Christine Arsenault 
    Dan Auld
    Amanda Babitt
    Audrey Baril
    Gerry Batist 
    Maria Bazan
    Kim Beauchesne 
    Sylvie Beaulieu
    Alexandre Belisle
    François Belleau 
    David Bellemare
    Fatna Benettaib
    Stéphane Benhamou 
    Paul Bergeron
    Mariane Bertagnolli
    Nick Bertos 
    Mylène Bertrand
    Julie Bérubé
    Sabrina Biardel
    Jean-Sébastien  Bilodeau
    Bessy Bitzas
    Kathleen Blagrave
    Ariane Boisclair
    Levon Boodaghians 
    Mariem Bouab
    Caroline Bouchard
    Luigi Bouchard
    Cynthia Bouchard
    Anne-Marie Boucher-Lafleur
    Isabelle Boucoiran
    Isabelle Boulianne
    Dounia Boumahni 
    Guillaume  Bourque
    Marie-Ève Bradette-Hébert 
    Nathalie Brassard
    Bluma Brenner
    François Brouillet
    David Buckeridge
    David Bujold
    Marie-Ève Cantin
    Elizabeth Caron
    Yiorgos Alexandros Cavayas
    Jamila Chakir
    Annie Chamberland 
    Janet Chan 
    Michaël Chassé
    Jesse Chevrier
    Yves Chiricota
    Rioux-Perreault  Christine 
    Lucy Clayton
    Daniel Coderre
    Sylvie Cossette
    Olivier Costerousse Olivier
    Martha Crago
    Camille Craig 
    Justin Cross
    Marie-Laure Dablaka 
    Sylvanne Daniels 
    Corinne Darmond
    Morrison David
    Frédéric Desgagné 
    Philippe Despres
    Bianca D'Iorio
    Gaby Dipancrazio 
    Mina Dligui
    Ève Dubé
    Marie-Ève Dubeau
    Anatolie Ducas 
    Marco Duchesne
    Vincent Dumez
    Mariana Dumitrascu
    Mathilde Duplaix 
    Madeleine Durand
    Ksenia Egorova
    Tim Evans 
    Andrés Finzi 
    Amélie Forget 
    Vince Forgetta
    Yvan Fortier
    Melyssa Fortin 
    Martin Fortin 
    Claire Fournier
    William Fraser 
    Mary-Ellen  French
    Diane Gadreau 
    Marc-André Gagné 
    Hélène Gagné 
    Christine Gagnon
    François Gagnon
    Maude Gagnon
    Melissa Gaudet
    Diane Gaudreau
    Nicolas Gauthier
    Ali Ghamraoui
    Biswarup Ghosh
    Kim Gilbert
    Caroline Giroux
    Martin Godbout 
    Stéphanie  Gormley
    Nathalie Grandvaux
    Celia Greenwood
    Doria Grimard
    Philippe Gros
    François Gros-Louis
    Charlotte Guzman
    Nadir Hadid 
    Amanda Hakala
    Julie Hammamji 
    Sharon Hatcher
    Gay Hazan
    Danielle Henry
    Marie Hirtle
    Peter Ho
    Marianne Issac
    Carole Jabet
    Samantha Jacques 
    Simon Jacques-Ricard
    Yann Joly
    Philippe Joubert 
    Guillaume  Jourdan
    Philippe Jouvet
    Philippe Jouvet
    Jean-Sébastien  Joyal 
    Esther Kang
    Daniel Kaufmann
    Tony Kwan
    Julie Labbé
    Vincent Laguë 
    François Lamontagne
    Marlène Landry
    David Langlais
    Juliana Lanza
    Patrick Laplante 
    Catherine Laprise 
    Catherine Larochelle
    Ariane Larouche 
    Vanessa Larouche 
    Julie Larouche 
    Mark Lathrop
    Laetitia Laurent
    Annie Laventure 
    Myriam Lavoie
    Claire Le Moigne
    Anne-Marie Ledoux 
    Geneviève Lefebvre
    Pascale Léon
    Pierre Lepage
    Guillaume Lesage
    Sandra Lessard
    Julie  Létourneau
    Kara Létourneau 
    Melanie Leung
    Chen Liang
    François Maltais
    Serge Marchand 
    Stéphanie Matte 
    Bruce Mazer
    Rod McInnes 
    Geoffrey McKay 
    Claudia Ménard 
    Anne-Marie Mes-Masson 
    Marc Messier-Peet 
    Jacques Michaud
    Pascal Michel
    Nadia Mior
    Andrea Mogas
    Alexandre Montpetit 
    Vincent Mooser
    Markus Munter
    Naiana Muntini
    Nakome NGuissan 
    Alexander Ni
    Hugo Noël-Thiboutot 
    Kimchi Nofar 
    Kristina Öhrvall
    Marianna Olegovna  Orlova
    Gabriel Ouellette
    Antoine Paccard
    Damon Palmer
    Brigitte Paquet
    Hansi Peiris
    Anna Perez
    Louis Petitjean
    Ciriaco Piccirillo
    Alain Piché 
    Rhyan Pineda
    Livia Pinheiro-Carvalho 
    Louise Poirier 
    Vincent  Poitout
    Guillaume Poliquin 
    Stéphanie  Potvin
    Alexandre Prat
    Rémi Quirion
    Christine Racine
    Ioannis Ragoussis 
    Maryam Rajaee
    Vincent Raymond 
    Marie-Andrée Régis
    Nardin Rezk
    Denis Richard
    Brent Richards 
    Serge Rivest 
    Jennifer Robinson 
    Lawrence Rosenberg 
    Éric Rousseau
    Simon Rousseau
    Lucie Roussel
    Denis-Claude Roy
    Marie-Josée Roy
    Amine Saadi 
    Myriam Sahi 
    Janick Saint-Cyr
    Maya Salame
    Sébastien Saucier
    Martine Sauvé 
    Roger Savard
    Erwin Schurr
    Erwin Schurr
    Daniel Sinnett 
    Martin Sirois
    Rob Sladek
    Lingqiao Song
    Hugo  Soudeyns
    Alfredo Staffa
    Carla Sterlin 
    Samy Suissa
    Mélanie Tanguay
    Danae Tassy
    Claude Thibeault
    Wang Han Ting
    Nancy Tremblay
    Karine Tremblay 
    Jan Alexis Tremblay 
    Karine Tremblay 
    Phil Troy
    Karine Truchon 
    Sze Man Tse
    Christine Tselios
    Gustavo Turecki
    Alexis Turgeon 
    Sandeep Vanamala
    Donald Vinh 
    Branka Vulesevic
    Rosemary Wagner
    Patrick Willett
    Virginie Williams 
    Xiaoqing Xue
    Volodymyr Yerko 
    Ma'n Zawati
    You Jia Zhong