BQC19 is a biobank with its own management and governance structure. The governance includes a Governing Committee, a Steering Committee, an independent Data and Sample Access Committee, and an international Scientific Advisory Board. It also includes several sub-committees responsible for mandates ranging from scientific priorities to communication and ethical, legal and social issues. The governance of BQC19 is framed in its Management Framework. Terms of References for accessing samples and data collected within the framework of BQC19 are being completed.


The BQC19 reports to the funding agencies and to the multicentric ethics committee that has approved the project. It will also have to undergo an external examination by a committee made up of international experts.

Governing Committee


Director of the BQC19; research directors of participating institutions; a public health representative, a patient-partner representative, ethics & legal expert (see current membership below). Observers: FRQS; Genome Quebec1; PHAC.

FRQS1   Carole Jabet, co-chair1
Génome Québec1   Daniel Coderre, co-chair1
Directeur de la BQC19   Vincent Mooser
Research Centers Hospitals
CR CHUS CIUSSS de l’Estrie - CHUS William Fraser
UQAC CIUSSS du Saguenay Lac St-Jean Catherine Laprise
IR-MUHC MUHC Bruce Mazer
CR CHUSJ CHUSJ Jacques Michaud
CRCHUM CHUM Vincent Poitout
IUCPQ-UL  IUCPQ Denis Richard
CR CHU de Québec/Université Laval CHU de Québec Serge Rivest
CR HMR HMR Denis Claude Roy
CR-HSCM HSCM Daniel Sinnett
Lady Davis institute Jewish General Hospital Samy Suissa
The Douglas Research Centre Douglas Mental Health University Institute Gustavo Turecki
McGill Vice-President Research and Innovation   Martha Crago
Patient-partner representative   Vincent Dumez
Ethics/Legal Expert   TBD
Public health representative   TBD
McGill Deputy VPRI, non-voting member   Philippe Gros
PHAC, non-voting member   Pascal Michel

1 For the time of the BQC19 launch, GQ CEO and FRQS scientific director are interim co-chairs of the governance committee

  • Define the objectives, phases and milestones of the BQC19 development as well as the performance indicators associated with each of them considering the mission of the BQC19.
  • State the main priorities for the use of the BQC19, according to its strategic objectives and taking into account the public health emergency as a priority.
  • Approve the BQC19 access rules.
  • Ensure open and transparent participation by all research organizations and teams who would like to contribute to the collection, while respecting the Management Framework.
  • Ensure the adequacy of the activities of the BQC19 in connection with its social mission and its support in responding to the health emergency
  • Ensure ethical, responsible use consistent with best policy practices and cognizant of the concerns of patient-partners
  • Ensure the sustainability of the BQC19 (both in terms of human and material resources, etc.).
  • Ensure the periodic update of the BQC19 Management Framework, based on best practices applied in the Province and internationally (funding agency policies; laws; etc.) and inform funders.
  • Receive operation reports (ask for international / independent scientific assessments if necessary) and note the achievement of objectives or formulate expectations for their future achievement.
  • Formulate expectations regarding what will happen to BQC19 once its primary mission has been fulfilled and the pandemic passed (e.g.: ethical and responsible transition plan or termination).

Steering Committee


Under the direction of Vincent Mooser, directors of all working groups in charge of operations:

Chair Vincent Mooser MD McGill/CERC
Opérations Dan Auld PhD McGill/McGill Genome Centre
IT/Clinical Recruitment Michael Chassé MD PhD Université de Montréal/CHUM
Psycho-social Ève Dubé PhD Université Laval
Science Daniel Kaufmann MD Université de Montréal/CHUM
GQ Representative Alexandre Montpetit PhD Génome-Québec
Non-severe COVID Alain Piché MD PHD Université de Sherbrooke
Genomics & Collaborations Brent Richards MD, MSc PhD McGill/JGH
Network Simon Rousseau PhD McGill/MUHC
Communication Karine Tremblay PhD Université de Sherbrooke/CIUSSS-SLSJ
Pediatrics Sze Man Tse MDCM MPH Université de Montréal/CHU Sainte-Justine
Ethics * Law Ma’n H. Zawati PhD McGill/Centre of genomics & Policy


Ensure the operations of the BQC19.

International Scientific Advisory Board


Independent international experts; names to come.

  • Critically analyze the performance of the BQC19
  • Report on progress and plans, particularly according to the international context
  • Provide advice on further development

Organizational Chart